Pure Clover Honey – Kallas Honey Farms, USA

Pure Clover Honey – Kallas Honey Farms, USA
Pure Clover Honey from Kallas Honey Farms, USA

About Kallas Honey Farms, USA – For three generations, the Kallas family has been a proud supplier of pure natural honey and honey products.  Just as they delivered golden honey door to door seventy years ago, today they are still as committed to providing with a high quality product and preferred service that is second to none, using the finest domestic pure honey which is delicately processed and packaged fresh.

Honey is one of nature’s tastiest secrets.  Whether seasoning meats, creating a delicious sauce, or baking your favorite sweets, honey is a flavorful addition to many recipes. Some of the finest honeys are available with Kallas Honey Farms, USA.

Buy Pure Clover Honey Online IndiaPure Clover Honey- 500 ml(16 oz)

Clover honey is created by honey bees specifically using the pollen of clover flowers. Frequently used as an alternative to sugar, sweet-tasting clover honey can be added to beverages, included in recipes or drizzled over baked goods. The taste of clover honey, the most common of the over 400 different honey varietals, tends to be mild and sweet

All honey — clover included — is made by honeybees. Bees feed on the nectar and pollen of various plants, then turn their collections into honey through a series of secretions. The honey takes on the flavor of whatever flowers the bees feed on, so if they primarily visit clover plants, they produce clover-flavored honey.

Clover is a creeping plant in the pea family which produces large amounts of nectar. In many regions of the world, people use clover to control erosion on banks and hillsides, as it roots well, holding back the soil. This plant is also used for animal fodder. It can grow in most terrains, is not expensive to maintain, and naturally attracts honeybee.

The healing effect of honey is called apitherapy.

Clover honey is thick and antibacterial, which makes it an effective wound cover. Bees suck nectar from flowers, mix it with their saliva and deposit it in their hive. Other bees fan the honey with their wings, evaporating much of its moisture.

According to Jennifer Eddy of the University of Wisconsin Health’s Eau Claire Family Medicine Clinic, clover honey has a three-pronged attack that makes it effective against the resistance bacteria develop. Its acidic pH, low water content (which essentially dehydrates bacteria) and hydrogen peroxide made by its enzymes fight bacteria on different levels and make it immune to super bug organisms that are resistant to standard antibiotics

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