Pure Buckwheat Honey - Kallas Honey Farms, USA

Pure Buckwheat Honey - Kallas Honey Farms, USA

Pure Buckwheat Honey from Kallas Honey Farms, USA

About Kallas Honey Farms, USA - For three generations, the Kallas family has been a proud supplier of pure natural honey and honey products.  Just as they delivered golden honey door to door seventy years ago, today they are still as committed to providing with a high quality product and preferred service that is second to none, using the finest domestic pure honey which is delicately processed and packaged fresh.

Honey is one of nature's tastiest secrets.  Whether seasoning meats, creating a delicious sauce, or baking your favorite sweets, honey is a flavorful addition to many recipes. Some of the finest honeys are available with Kallas Honey Farms, USA.

Buy Buckwheat Honey in IndiaPure BuckwheatHoney - 500 ml(16 oz)

Honeybees that collect and process the nectar of buckwheat flowers create a dark honey characterized by a full, robust flavor. While buckwheat honey can range in color from coppery yellow to purple or nearly black, the average jar is dark amber with a reddish tint when held to the light. Compared with lighter-colored varieties, buckwheat honey isn't as sweet and tastes similar to molasses. The basic composition and nutritional profile of all types of honey are relatively the same, but buckwheat honey has higher concentrations of macroelements, trace elements and anti-oxidant compounds

This unusual honey is made by bees that collect pollen and nectar from the little pink flowers of the common buckwheat plant.  This plant, official name “Fagopyrum esculentum”, is often thought of as a cereal but isn’t one – it’s not a wheat at all.  The “wheat” part of its name comes from the fact that the seeds are often used for similar purposes to wheat.  The “buck” part of the name evolved from “beech” (it was sometimes called beechwheat) because its seeds are triangular, a little like smaller versions of beech nuts.  These buckwheat seeds are often used as an alternative to wheat for making flour.  The flour has no gluten, and is traditionally used in blinis

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